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The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) is the world's leading organization for ice hockey and inline hockey. It has 77 members and is located in Zurich, Switzerland. It manages international ice hockey events and has a World Ranking of the IIHF.

Despite its international authority, the IIHF has minimal hockey influence in North America, the top hockey organization being the National Hockey League. Its power basis lies in Europe with the national governing bodies and leagues in question. The only members who have their own rulesbooks are Canada (Hockey Canada) and the United States (USA Hockey).

IIHF decisions may in Lausanne, Switzerland, be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

In Kingston, Ontario from 1992 and 1997, the IIHF Museum was housed in the international hockey hall of fame. The IIHF entered into an arrangement with the NHL to place its museum in Hockey Fame once the relationship with the Hockey Hall of Fame has been ended. In 1998, the IIHF Museum redeployed about 3,500 sq. ft (330 sq. m.) inside the Hockey Hall of Fame to Toronto, Ontario.

The 2008 IIHF World Championship in Canada took place in the context of the centenary anniversary of the establishment of the IIHF. The championships in Canada were the first time held. The 2008 championship was followed by Russia.


The IIHF's major responsibilities are the worldwide administration, development and organization of hockey. Another obligation is that the Member National Associations foster cordial ties and work in an orderly way for good order in sports. In accordance with its statutes, rules and regulations, the federation may undertake the required steps in order to be able to take its own lead, and also to have unambiguous authority at international level with regard to ice and hockey. The IIHF will be responsible for organizing all IIHF contests for sponsorships, licensing rights, advertising and merchandise.

It also aims to offer assistance in the development of young players and coaches and game officials. On the other hand, all IIHF events are arranged by the federation and any other sporting federations or organizations are established and contacted. The IIHF is in charge of the transfers of the international players. It is also the organization that leads the Ice Hockey Championships at the Olympics as well as all the levels of the IIHF. In staging its 25 World Championships, the Federation cooperates with the local committees in five categories.

Although the IIHF is responsible for the administration of many European competition clubs, such as the Champions Hockey League or the Continental Cup, it also administers the world championships. The Federation started the 2008 Victoria Cup, which was named after the Montreal Victoria Skating Rink, a new annual club tournament, the first indoor ice hockey game that was staged. The federation is ruled by the IIHF Legislative Organization which, with the Executive Organ which is the Council, is the General Congress. On behalf of the federation, the Congress has the right to make decisions in relation to rules of the game, statutes and bylaws. It is also the body which elects or otherally names the chairman and the council. The IIHF President is essentially the federal representation. He represents the interests of the Federation in external issues and is also responsible for making decisions in accordance with the statutes and rules of the Federation. The Chairperson will be supported by the Secretary General, who is also the IIHF's top staff
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